The Hobbit Exclusive with Robert Kazinsky

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Star of the new George Lucas epic Red Tails and Lord of the Rings prequel – The Hobbit, Robert Kazinsky takes time out from his filming schedule in New Zealand to answer ‘Random’ questions from ‘Kidz’ aged 3 to 12 years old. And a few about being in the biggest film of next year!!!

Do you like Vampires?
Alice 4 years old

I don't know many, which is probably a good thing; I think I’d quite like to be one sometimes.

What’s your favourite day of the week?
Con 3 Years Old

Friday, as it means I've got through another week of hard work and can look forward to some relaxation.

What year was your favourite Xmas and why?
Caitlin 8 Years Old

All of the ones I had when I was a youngster, Christmas is never better than when you're young, as when you're old, you have to buy everyone else presents too.

What’s your favourite Pizza topping?
Alex 5 years Old

I don't like cheese, so not a big fan of pizza in general, but BBQ chicken pizzas are the ones I go for in general.

Peanut butter or Jam?
Hag 6 years old

I don't like nuts so Blueberry jam for me please.

Do you believe in Aliens?
Hag 6 years old

Of course, if space goes on forever then there are infinite planets, and if there's infinite planets there must be infinite life out there.

Do you ever eat at Frankie and Benny's?
Aidan 11 years old

No, trying to be fit and healthy means ice cream is a bad thing for me at the moment.

If you were in Harry Potter - what would you use an invisibility cloak for?
Hag 6 years Old

Good question, I'd use it to sneak into government facilities to find out all the secrets we're not supposed to know.

Do you like the word Danger?
Aidan 11 years old

Absolutely, Danger is the first warning that something is wrong; trust your instincts, when you feel something is dangerous, don't do it.

Do you like writing?
Kiera 4 years old

Writing is one of my favourite things in the whole world to do.

Do you like the Crackers that come with Chinese food?
Kiera 4 years old

It's the second best bit of Chinese food after duck pancakes.

Do you like garlic?
Alice 4 years old

I love garlic; I always cook with far far too much garlic in everything.

Would you buy 100 red flowers or 100 blue flowers?
Hag 6 years old

Depends on the occasion, for myself, blue, if I was buying for a girlfriend, then red.

Do you have a doggy?
Con 3 years old

I do have a doggy, her name is Roxy, and she's almost one year old, she's a German shepherd cross and my best friend.

How big is your pool in New Zealand?
Bethany 9 years old

I don't have a pool, but I do live on the beach, so the sea is my pool, so in that case my pool is 80% of the world’s surface.

When are you going on a train?
Ollie 4 years old

Peter Jackson has a train in his house, so the next time I’m at his house I'll go on a train.

Which Lord of the Rings film is your favourite?
Hag 6 years old

I loved them all equally.

Do you play the Lord of the Rings computer games?
Hag 6 years old

I don't play computer games very much anymore.

Is the Hobbit going to be as good as the other Lord of the Rings films?
Hag 6 years old

It's going to be better.

Is being in The Hobbit exciting for you?
Hag 6 years old

It's the best thing that's ever happened to me, everyday I wake up super excited.

How many of the Lord of the Rings books have you read?
Tobias 12 years old

All of them

Who is your favourite actor in the original trilogy?
Tobias 12 years old

Elijah Wood was perfect as Frodo Baggins.

What did you do the moment you found out you were in the Hobbit?
Tobias 12 years old

I called my parents and told them, then I called my girlfriend at the time and told her, then I sat with my dog, the two of us alone on my balcony in Los Angeles and as the sun set, I cried with happiness.

This interview with Robert Kazinsky is the copyright of 2011.

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