Win ‘A Turtle’s Tale 3D’ Goodies and Sea Life Family Ticket!!!!

A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures in 3D is released in UK cinemas March 25th and to celebrate its release we’re giving two lucky winners the chance to win a family ticket to Sea Life Centres, a Sammy The Turtle Plush Toy and a copy of Ponyo on DVD.

A spectacular 3D animation following the wonderful adventures of Sammy the sea turtle (Dominic Cooper, MAMMA MIA) as he searches the ocean for his one true love. Sammy scrambles to the sea shortly after hatching on a beach in California and quickly finds and loses the love of his life, the beautiful Shelly (Gemma Arterton, TAMARA DREWE). During the epic journey which all turtles accomplish before returning to the beach where they were born, Sammy dodges every possible danger; he battles with piranhas, escapes a fish eagle and searches for a mysterious secret passage, in the hope of meeting Shelly again.

Conservation is at the heart of everything they do at SEA LIFE. As pioneers of marine rescue and breeding programmes, they ensure the amazing underwater world is protected for future generations to enjoy. And believe this knowledge empowers students to make a difference.

The Greek island of Zakynthos has been one of the main nesting locations for Loggerhead Turtles for thousands of years. Owing to a tourism boom in the area, nesting adult females are being disturbed, eggs accidentally destroyed, and turtle hatchlings confused by the lights of bars on the beaches. SEA LIFE is campaigning to build a turtle rescue facility on the island.

So far, SEA LIFE has raised 150,000€ for the project and building work continues with assistance from English volunteers.

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A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures in 3D. In cinemas March 25th. Advance Screenings 19th and 20th March

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In A Turtle’s Tale: Sammy’s Adventures, who plays Shelley the Turtle in the film?
A) Jennifer Aniston
B) Gemma Arterton
C) Keira Knightley
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