DreamWorks The Prince of Egypt

DreamWorks The Prince of Egypt review by Bex

The Dominion Theatre, London (25/2/20-31/10/20) “TOP END” 5 Stars

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This is a very special show and such a relevant story for today’s generation of youngsters. Much like the Lion King – the Prince of Egypt animated movie is targeted at kidz and the stage show is a slightly older take on the original animated production. Youngsters will be mesmerised by the performances of the actors, stage sets and incredible songs. It might be worth younger kidz (aged 7 to 10 years) watching the original film before seeing the stage show as some moments can be a little confusing. This isn’t the fault of the writing or direction – its just that the Biblical story itself can be a little confusing for some if they’re not regular church goers of Bible educated. We’re a Catholic family so know the story well and also watch the DreamWorks movie at least once a year. Youngsters aged 10 years and up will easily follow the tale of Moses and Ramses as it unravels on stage before them. The Prince of Egypt is an Epic Spectacular and not to be missed. Highly Recommended!!!

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