The brain’s behind Peppa Pig – Phil Davis, Neville Astley and Mark Baker answer some ‘Kidz Random Questions’!!!

(Mark Baker, Phil Davis and Neville Astley winning the Children’s Bafta for Best Pre-School animation)

What gave you the idea for Peppa Pig? Joseph age 6

Phil Davis: Mark & Nev came up with the idea
Neville Astley: We liked the idea of a character that snorted….Hmm which animal? ….A Pig!
Mark Baker: ………And an animal that loves mud….

How old is Peppa? – Hag age 7

Phil Davis: 4
Neville Astley: 4
Mark Baker: 4

What colour are your socks? Calista age 4

Phil Davis: Mine are Black and White Stripes
Neville Astley: I don’t have socks. I just paint my feet a different colour each day….Today…Blue with Red spots
Mark Baker: Black

Do you plan to make any episodes of Peppa Pig with Gaston in? Joe age 7

Phil Davis: OK..That plots a bit too strange
Neville Astley: Peppa and Gaston have never met ….But have spoken on the phone.
Mark Baker: Good idea!

(Gaston the Lady bird from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom)

How long does it take to make an episode? Freddie age 7

Phil Davis: About 3 months
Neville Astley: It takes 3 people 2 weeks to animate the episode, but there’s lots to do before and after like recording voices and Music
Mark Baker: Yes, it takes a lot longer than 5 minutes……

Where do you get your ideas from or inspiration? Bethany age 10

Phil Davis: Jimi Hendrix!
Neville Astley: From what our friends and families get up to!
Mark Baker: Yes, all the ideas come from things that have really happened to us or people we know!

(Rock Legend Jimi Hendrix)

Where did you get all the names from? Alex age 6

Phil Davis: Mark & Nev came up with the names.
Neville Astley: Peppa’s name came from a Chilli Pepper that is a bit fiery and Red
Mark Baker: The names all come from friends

Who is your favourite pig? Lawrence age 3

Phil Davis: Pedro Pony!
Neville Astley: Favourite Pig – George
Favourite Not Pig – Miss Rabbit
Mark Baker: Peppa!

Have you ever fought evil with a sword? – Con age 4

Phil Davis: Yes – it was fun!
Neville Astley: Never! I hunt evil with a spoon
Mark Baker: No, but that is a great question!!!!

Peppa Pig: Champion Daddy is out on DVD 26/3/12 and Peppa’s Treasure Hunt Live is touring the country now: CLICK HERE FOR THE REVIEW