About us



We are mum and dad Gibbs-McNeil and although our kidz are clearly the talent and inspiration behind this website we like to think of ourselves as a bit involved too!

Being busy (who isn’t) working (constantly) parents we wanted to connect with other youngsters to find out what’s hot and what’s worth seeing?

Imagine tapping into the playgrounds news and getting updates/advise from all the kidz & parents you know, now imagine being able to tap into kidz views all around the UK!

We found that there is little advice “out there” written for the children and BY the children. We wanted to give the children a voice and hear from other children who have enjoyed other films and shows too. Too often reviewers have really rated a film and my kidz have found it okish, or reviewers have absolutely slated a film (The Last Air Bender) that turned out to be my son and his friend’s best film of the year!

It seems 40 year old film reviewers aren’t that good at tapping into the children mindset.

Imagine a one stop shop…..if you are going to the cinema- what’s the best film to watch?

If you don’t want your children watching hours and hours of TV but just a few good, entertaining show’s- what ones do you pick?

When are they released?

What do kidz think?

Is it for my child or is it bit girlie/boyish?

Welcome to Kidzcoolit.com- the one website dedicated to telling you and the kids what’s going on, what they loved from a kidz perspective. Enjoy