Con and Bex Talk Hair and Mythical Creatures with ‘The Son of Bigfoot’ writers Cal Brunker and Bob Barlen

Con and Bex Talk Hair and Mythical Creatures with ‘The Son of Bigfoot’ writers Cal Brunker and Bob Barlen!!!

What made you want to write a film about the son of Big Foot? Con age 10

We really wanted to write a story that would be relatable on an emotional level for the audience. Even though the movie is about Adam discovering that he’s a bigfoot, it’s really about how each of us have things that make us different. At first, people often hate the things that make them unique, but ultimately, it’s those things that make them special. By the end of the movie Adam learns to love himself, and accept who he is.

Was it hard to make Son of Bigfoot? Bex age 6

That’s a question for the directors! Writing it was a blast, but they had the tough job of making all those ideas on the page into the awesome pictures you see on the screen.

If you were the son of Bigfoot what would you use your powers for? Con age 10

Bob and I both agree that we would talk to animals. We’d especially like to meet a raccoon like Trapper in real life.

Do you have any animal friends like Bigfoot? Bex age 6

We both love animals. Both of us grew up with cats, and would love to hear what they were thinking!

If you could grow hair like Bigfoot – what hairstyle would you have? Con age 10

Cal - I’d just be happy to have hair again, most of mine is gone!

Bob - Wild, crazy and full of twigs like Bigfoot.

What else could Bigfoot teach his son? Bex age 6

Parents have a lot to teach their kids, after all, they’ve been around a lot longer and have seen a lot! We like to think Bigfoot might have more secrets up his sleeve that he can tell Adam about, now that Hair Co. has been defeated.

If you could make any mythical creature real – what creature would it be and why? Con age 10

Definitely Bigfoot, as long as he was as nice as the Bigfoot in our movie. Otherwise, something smaller that could do a lot less damage!

Do you think Bigfoot really exists? Con age 10

We love fantastical stories and we’re writers, so we love the idea that there’s crazy stuff out there!

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