Con & Bex talk the MEG: LEGACY with MEG Author and Creator Steve Alten

Con & Bex talk the MEG: LEGACY with MEG Author and Creator Steve Alten!!!

Have you ever used any real-life Shark attack stories in the MEG books? Bex age 11

Steve Alten – Well Bex, in the second MEG book, The TRENCH (which inspired the MEG movie sequel in theatres in August), I made Andrew Fox, the son of Rodney Fox, one of the characters in the story because he and his Dad are so supportive of my work. Many years ago, Rodney barely survived perhaps the most fearsome non-fatal Great White attack ever. There are graphic photos of the bite marks that you may be too young to see… WAIT – Don’t look!  (Photo CLICK HERE!!! Warning it’s a very graphic picture of a shark bite. Ask a Parent or Guardian for permission before viewing the image)

Amazingly, Rodney not only survived but went on to design and build the first underwater observation cage to dive with the great white shark, and for over 40 years he has led major expeditions to film the predators.

(Andrew and Rodney Fox with The MEG poster signed by Steve Alten)

Where were you? What were you doing? And who was the first person you told, when you found out the first book in the MEG: Legacy was being made into a movie? Con age 16

Steve Alten – Actually Con, my manager optioned the MEG movie rights to Hollywood Pictures (Disney) way back in June of 1996 (based on only the first 100 pages and a treatment — like an overview or report of the rest. That deal was cancelled two years later after the studio head was replaced. The next movie deal for MEG came when New Line Cinema optioned the dramatic rights in 2005. That deal only lasted two years as well. MEG LEGACY contains the behind-the-scenes crazy situations that happened which (thankfully) ended these options, as well as our hero-producer (Belle Avery) who I hired/begged to take over the project after I fired everyone. Belle raised a lot of money and brought China production company GRAVITY PICs in, Warner Bros followed and MEG was greenlit and made (thank you, Belle).

(Photo below Left to Right – Steve Alten’s son Branden, wife Kim, Steve and Belle Avery at the MEG Hollywood Premiere Aug 6, 2018.)

Which of the books are you most excited about being made into a movie and why? Bex age 11

Steve Alten – Bex, I am very excited about MEG-2: The TRENCH. (I predict #1 movie in August with over a billion U.S. dollars at the domestic & international box office).

Of the seven books in Meg: Legacy, which one will make the best movie, which would be a cool TV show and which one would work as a stage musical? Con age 16

Steve Alten – MEG: The Stage Musical? Oh, I gotta see that one. Seriously though, Con, what excites me about MEG: LEGACY,  my new Seven Volume Collector’s Edition Book Set is that it allowed me to go back and lay out the entire storyline AND timeline of all 7 novels, then plug the big-time gaps (4 years between books 1 & 2 and 18 years between books 2 & 3) and fill them using never-before-read Angel of Death novellas – 150-page stories weaving back and forth from Angel (in the Panthalassa Sea) and Jonas and his family & Mac). Forget about all the other extra Legacy features (the six MEG graphic comic books, the fan bonuses, my behind-the scenes inserts) just that completed 35 year time line creates the perfect road map for a MEG EPISODIC TV SERIES! And THAT allows you the time necessary to get to know the characters (which includes Angel and later, the two sisters (Bela & Lizzy) each Meg having its own unique personality).

Do you have a favourite defeat of the MEG in the seven books and why is it your favourite? (Without giving any spoilers for people who haven’t read that book yet) Con age 16 

Steve Alten – The huge climax held in the Tanaka Lagoon in MEG: Nightstalkers between the sisters (Lizzy & Bela) and the Liopleurodon, with David Taylor in his damaged Manta sub trying not to be eaten… that is my #1 fav.

How I can get the new MEG: Legacy series? Con age 16

Steve Alten – MEG: Legacy is a special seven volume Collector’s Edition set that features all seven MEG novels, the six graphic comics that make up the MEG Graphic novel, 3-4 never-before-published Angel of Death novellas, multiple fan appreciation extras, plus my own biographical excerpts detailing some seriously crazy situations. Each hardback is bound in high-quality faux leather and comes in three different colour options… all featured at a brand-new website You can pay for one Volume at a time (Volume One is on sale NOW) but don’t wait too long. Unfortunately, we were only able to receive permission to print 5,000 complete sets. Later this week, I begin a two-month movie interview schedule, any radio, TV or print interview of which could easily sell out the lot in minutes. If you manage to pre-order Volume One, the good news is that you are GUARANTEED to be able to purchase #2 thru #7) when they go on sale. After Volume One is sent to the printer in 4 weeks, you’ll be able to order and receive a new Volume every 3 to 4 months. There is also an option to order the entire set now and not worry about ordering again. Oh yeah… anyone who places an order for Volume One before June 15 gets their book signed by me! Go to

If you had the chance to swim with a real life Megalodon, would you? Bex age 11

Steve Alten – No way.

If you did though, what would you be thinking while you swam with it? Bex age 11

Steve Alten – Don’t pee… you might p@#* it off.

How many Steve’s (Lots of clones of you) do you think it would take to defeat a Megalodon? And how would they defeat it? Con age 16

Steve Alten – Just one clone – armed with a rocket grenade.

Lots of people believe the Megalodon still exists in the depths of our undiscovered seas. Do you? Bex age 11

Steve Alten – I believe that good science does not draw conclusions until the field work is complete. In other words, don’t tell me that our planet’s apex predator of all time, which we know was still swimming our oceans a few million years ago, must be extinct because we haven’t seen one. Well, why would you – unless you frequent the 95% of the oceans that remain unexplored or the 99% of the deep.

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