Paddington – Hag & Con talk to the Brown family!!!

Paddington – Hag & Con talk to the Brown family!!!

Afternoon Tea with the Brown Family – Julie Walters, Samuel Joslin, Madeleine Harris, Sally Hawkins and Hugh Bonneville!!!

When you worked with Paddington was he a chatter box and what did he talk about? Con age 7

Sally Hawkins - We couldn’t shut him up

Julie Walters - What did he talk about – do you remember?

Samuel Joslin - Just marmalade

Julie Walters - Marmalade mainly. Mainly wanting to eat Marmalade sandwiches.

Samuel Joslin - There was a lot of Marmalade on set. He just bathed in it really.

Madeleine Harris - Every room stank of the stuff. Oranges everywhere.

Julie Walters - Mrs Bird was just constantly making it.

Sally Hawkins - He was quite professional though.

Hugh Bonneville - He was very professional – except….Michael Bond, who knows Paddington quite well. His wife very kindly gave us all a jar of her own marmalade. Foolishly I put it down by my chair on set one day and I came back and it had gone. Paddington came waddling over licking his lips.

He liked to talk about the weather quite a lot. There’s 42 different ways to says it’s raining.

Samuel Joslin - And he said 30 of them.

Hugh Bonneville - Yeah.

And so he arrived very well versed about Cats and Dogs

Samuel Joslin - Stair-rods

Hugh Bonneville - Sheeting it down. He loved talking about the weather because apparently that’s what English people do a lot.

How often do you go to Paddington Station in a year? Hag age 10

Julie Walters - No…never. I’ve not been there in years. I do do trains on occasions – just not Paddington.

Hugh Bonneville – I probably go about 4 times and when we were filming there Sally and I went and said hello to Paddington’s statue. His statue is there.

Sally Hawkins - I go quite a bit. (As an average?) about 6.4 times.

Samuel Joslin - Well I once went when I had a school trip to York and on the way back I arrived at Paddington. So only the once really.

Madeleine Harris - I go quite a few times because I don’t live in London. So when I come up for auditions, if we don’t drive up – we catch the train and we always come to Paddington. So about the same.

Sally Hawkins - Can you put a number on it?

Madeleine Harris - You know possibly the same – maybe going 7.

What’s your favourite Kidz show ever? Con age 7

Sally Hawkins - Good question. That is a hard one though.

Hugh Bonneville - Sam?

Samuel Joslin - Well I don’t really watch TV you see so….

Madeleine Harris - Do you know I can’t really think of a children’s show that generally I would always watch. But I enjoy cartoons. That’s one really childish aspect of me is I love cartoons. Probably Spongebob to be honest. It’s probably my favourite of those.

Samuel Joslin - Simpsons is quite good.

Hugh Bonneville - I’ll take your Spongebob and raise it to Wacky Races. Any advances on Wacky Races?

Sally Hawkins - Penelope Pitstop.

Julie Walters - Magic Roundabout

Sally Hawkins - Why Don’t you was a good one. And Box of Delights.

Julie Walters - Rag Tag and Bobtail

Dad with Madeleine Harris (Judy Brown) & Samuel Joslin (Jonathan Brown)

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