Monster Island – Hag, Con & Bex talk Monsters with Fiona Hardingham

Monster Island – Hag, Con & Bex talk Monsters with Fiona Hardingham!!!

Where were you and who was the first person you told when you first found out you were in Monster Island? Hag age 12

Fiona Hardingham - I was at home on my computer. It was morning and I was eating my breakfast in my PJ’s. I remember being so excited that I called my best friend and he could hardly understand me because I speaking with my mouth full. I kept on saying, “I’m going to play a monster, a hog monster.” He replied, “You certainly sound like one!” Note to self: speaking whilst eating granola doesn’t work.

What do monsters eat? Bex age 5

Fiona Hardingham - Almost everything. Favorites that come to mind are dirty socks, rubbish, scrap metal and midnight feasts. They especially enjoy things that go crunch when you bite them and for dessert ice cream with worm sprinkles. Yum!

If you could be a Monster what do you think your unique talent would be? Con age 10

Fiona Hardingham - Flying Monster Cuddles would be my unique talent. Being able to give a gigantic cuddle that would make a person feel instantly better… whilst flying. That would be cool.

If you found out your mummy was a Monster – would you leave her on the island or take her back to where you live now? Bex age 5

Fiona Hardingham - I’d let her live wherever she felt happiest. If she didn’t want to leave the island that would be ok, because I would visit her often and she would visit me. That would be the best of both worlds. Whatever happens, my Mummy would always be with me in my heart and I in hers. That would never change.

What mythological Monster would you like to be and why? Con age 10

Fiona Hardingham - A mermaid so I could breath underwater, touch the bottom of the sea bed, swim around the world and hang out with dolphins.

When you were young did you think Monsters lived under your bed or in your cupboard and if yes what did you think they were like? Hag age 12

Fiona Hardingham - I thought they lived under my bed. I would often check before I climbed in to sleep. I’d pull up the bed cover that would hide the space beneath my mattress and the floor and shout, “BOO!” so I’d scare them first. It’s a good trick! I’ve never spotted one so it obviously works. If I saw a monster, I think it would have been like a dark hairy shadow that could grab me with it’s long arms. Big, faceless and very, very smelly.

Monster Island in Cinemas 21/7/17 – Review CLICK HERE!!!