Cartoon Network – Harrison, Con and Bex chat Summer Camp Island with Creator Julia Pott

Cartoon Network – Harrison, Con and Bex chat Summer Camp Island with Creator Julia Pott!!!

Tea or Coffee and why? Con age 11

Julia Pott - Hmmmm. Oh that’s a great question. These are the kind of questions I want to answer. I used to drink tea when I lived in England because the water is better for tea in England and when I moved to New York I started drinking coffee because it tasted different in America and I liked the ritual of making coffee better than I liked the ritual of making tea, so now coffee all the time – I drink about three cups a day and it makes me a little bit crazy, but I love it.

I stopped drinking it once and like time slowed down, I felt like I was walking through mud for like a month and then I was like, you know what, this isn’t for me – I’m going to go back onto the coffee.

What’s your fondest memory of summer camp and are any of those memories in the show? Harrison age 14

Julia Pott - Well I’ve actually never been to summer camp – I’m making it up on the spot – my fondest memory of summer camp is watching the movie The Parent Trap as a kid.

They’re both fantastic (Haley Miils and Lindsay Lohan remake). Obviously, I very much love the Lindsay Lohan one also. I grew up in England and there wasn’t really a lot of summer camp options and then I would spend the summers in the states visiting my Grandma and all my American friends would go to summer camp so I would hear about the summer camps, I would see the pictures and I was just dying to go and I think this is my way of sort of getting as close to that as possible – because I’ve never experienced it.

Have you ever been to a magical place like Summer Camp Island? Bex age 7

Julia Pott - Hmm – somewhere as magical as that? I think as a kid everything seemed as magical as that. I think when I was really little I spent a lot of time thinking there were ghosts everywhere and truly believing that all of the adults had magical powers and just weren’t telling me about it. Having watched the movie Matilda I assumed I innately had the ability to make things float in the air and I just hadn’t figured that out yet. I spent a lot of my childhood worrying that I was going to fall into quicksand – most of my childhood I just assumed magic was real, I still sort of think that it’s real. No I 100% still think it’s real, scratch that, fully in. Yeah, most of my childhood I was just like yeah everyone is just keeping this from me until I’m ready to know the secret of life. But sometimes when I go to nice gardens they feel quite magical also. Not quite the same but being in nature has quite a magical quality to it.

What’s your favourite thing about Unicorns? Con age 11

Julia Pott - Favourite thing about unicorns? I always really liked the story in the bible, not that I’m religious, but that they missed the boat, and that they would have been around had they not missed it. That they’re not really mythical creatures – they were just late. What the world would have been like if they made it onto the Ark? I think there’s lots of different things about what their horns do and what kind of magical entities they have but I also really liked the idea that narwhals were like a different type of unicorn. As far as I am aware they grant wishes, which I am pretty into. I think that would be my favourite thing about them…and they’re just a bit glittery, which is awesome [laughs]

You’ve worked on fantasy shows do you have any sci-fi ideas you’d like to bring to life on screen? Harrison age 14

Julia Pott - Sci-fi ideas? I really like the Star Wars movies – I mean obviously those have already been brought to life but I’m pretty into the idea of time travel – I’m trying to wrap my head around The Grandfather Paradox at the moment, but yeah time travel movies are very appealing to me, I would very much like to, after this, do something with time travel or I suppose, are ghosts sci-fi? Does that count as a sci-fi genre?

Definitely ghosts. There was a part of me at some point that just wanted to remake Caspar the friendly ghost – just the best piece of media that ever existed. But yeah, time travel would be the big one that I would like to make – that seems like Kurt Vonnegut style time travel.

With the Grandfather Paradox is very confusing, and I’m not going to try and explain it because I don’t understand it but it’s basically about how if something is true, something can’t be true and false. If something is true it means that you can’t time travel – like in the idea of going back to kill Hitler. Because Hitler exists in our universe it means that would never exist, because in going back to kill him…I mean it’s all very confusing. It says that you could create a multi-verse where Hitler didn’t live but there’s no world where you could create one when he didn’t live in this one because he does live in this one and that’s true.

If you could be any mythical creature, what would it be and why would you choose that creature? Con age 11

Julia Pott - Ooooooo. I’m thinking about it. Ahh, maybe an Abdominal Snowman [laughs]. I quite like my alone time and I like the North East…North West? Washington State?

Yeah of America – I’d like to live in the woods and I’d like to be like, furry. And it’s kind of nice cause you’re a little bit of a celebrity. I suppose the Abdominal Snowman, Bigfoot, Sasquatches, that kind of genre of mythical creature – because people are like excited to see you, but you also get to be alone. So you have that notoriety without having to really…like what makes you famous is that you like your alone time. [laughs]