CBBC Almost Never – Harrison, Con and Bex chat with ‘The Wonderland’ Bandmates Nathaniel Dass, Oakley Orchard and Harry Still

CBBC Almost Never – Harrison, Con and Bex chat with ‘The Wonderland’ Bandmates Nathaniel Dass, Oakley Orchard and Harry Still!!!

Who is your favourite band and why do you like them? Harrison age 14

Nate - My favourite band is a band called New Hope Club, I like them because I think their music is different.

Oakley - Thank you Harrison for the question. Currently I enjoy listening to The 1975. I connect with their music through the lyrics because they write about personal experiences.

Harry - I like a few but my favourite is New Hope Club, they are really talented singer/songwriter musicians.

If you could name your own band what would the name be? Con age 11

Nate - I wouldn’t know what to call my band I’m way too indecisive I’d never agree on a name and stick with it.

Oakley - Well Con, thank you for this question and this is easy… The Wonderland of course :)

Harry - That’s a really tough question, as it’s so hard to pick but I think The Wonderland is a good name!

What do you find easiest – Singing, Acting or dancing? Bex age 7

Nate - I think I find all of them super difficult but I think acting is what I feel most comfortable doing.

Oakley - Thanks Bex for this question. Since age 7 I have been singing and performing so this is by far the easiest for me.

Harry - I find singing the easiest, but I enjoy both singing and acting.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in the show and why was it so cool? Con age 11

Nate - I think the coolest thing was being able to perform in front of people like Kimberly Wyatt and Dev from BBC Radio 1 knowing that they have had careers in music.

Oakley - This is easy, we got to perform on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge in the show and meet up with DJ Dev.

Harry - Working with some of the famous cast members and also having our own trailers on set, that was pretty cool!

Do you have a favourite outfit from the show? Bex age 7

Nate - I think I just enjoyed wearing my casual clothes like sweaters and jeans because it’s what I wear in real life.

Oakley - My favourite outfit from the show is probably my first outfit on The Spotlight. I like this one the most because it is where it all begins.

Harry - All my outfits were good, but I really liked my striped shirts.

What’s the hardest thing about getting a band together for a show like this? Con age 11

Nate - I think the hardest thing would be chemistry because that makes or breaks a band but we definitely all had chemistry right from the start.

Oakley - The hardest part is finding voices that complement each other as well as having people who get on with each other to make the band work.

Harry - I imagine it would normally be not knowing one another before, but we all got on so well from the start and have the best time together.

What’s your favourite song in the show and why do you like it? Con age 11

Nate - ‘Almost Never’ was my favourite song to perform because it’s our original song and really makes the show feel unique to us as a band.

Oakley - Our original song is my favourite from the show, we sing it at the very end of the series. I enjoy performing this because it is high tempo and easy to jump about to.

Harry - My favourite song in the show is Almost Never, it’s a great song and the most fun to perform.

Almost Never is on Tuesdays at 5pm on CBBC from 15th January with a premiere box set on BBC iPlayer also available from 15th January!!!