Con and Bex at the Thunderbirds Are Go Series Two BAFTA Premiere

Con and Bex at the Thunderbirds Are Go Series Two BAFTA Premiere!!!

Nick Foster, Ben Foster (Thunderbirds Are Go Composers), Sandra Dickinson (Gandma Tracy), David Graham (Parker) and David Menkin (Vigil and Gordon Tracy) with London Huges!!!

What’s your favourite NASA spaceship? Con age 9

Sandra Dickinson – I don’t know any of them. (Laughs)

David Graham – The Lunar lander.

David Menkin – For me I think it’s the space shuttle because it’s the only one where they can actually fly back and land on earth. So that’s getting closer to what the Thunderbirds get to do.

Nick and Ben teach kidz how to compose music to scenes of Thunderbirds Are Go!!!

Con on stage with Nick and Ben composing Thunderbirds Are Go music!!!

Bex and Con with David Graham, David Menkin and Sandra Dickinson!!!

Bex and Con with Nick and Ben Foster!!!

Ben helps Bex with her ‘rhythm patterns’ school homework this week!!!

Bex and Con with Virgil Tracy!!!

Gifts for the Kidz – Thunderbirds Are Go card signed by the cast!!!

Hag and Dad with Gerry Anderson!!!

Thunderbirds Are Go Series Two starts on CITV in October!!!