Con and Bex talk Superhero Animals and Super Powers with StarDog and TurboCat writer and Director Ben Smith!!!

Con and Bex talk Superhero Animals and Super Powers with StarDog and TurboCat writer and Director Ben Smith!!!

StarDog or TurboCat and why? Con age 12

You can’t beat StarDog’s enthusiasm, energy, excitement and belief in the human capacity for good. Mind you, TurboCat does have a REALLY cool car…

What is your favourite animal and why do you like them so much? Bex age 8

I’m a fan of penguins. They’re birds, but they swim underwater, and they live in freezing cold environments where hardly anything else can survive. They’re basically amazing; BUT as I discovered on a recent trip to the zoo, they smell absolutely disgusting. It’s probably because they eat raw fish. So top marks for looks and behaviour; zero for smell.

What animal do you dislike the most and why do you dislike them so much? Con age 12

Scorpions. They just look horrible and if they sting you you can die. I could happily go my entire life without ever having a cup of tea with a scorpion.

Would you like to be a superhero? And if you had superpowers what would they be and how would you use them? Bex age 8

If you DON’T want to be a superhero frankly I think you’re a bit weird. I’d like to be able to fly and be super strong. I’d fly round the world helping people, saving lives and generally being super. I would wear a cape and feel really good about it. I might even wear my underpants on the outside.

If you were the first creature in space – what do you think would be the most memorable part of the trip? Con age 12

Looking down on the precious blue green jewel of planet Earth beneath me. That and doing a poo in a zero gravity.

If you went to space what planet would you want to visit and why would go there? Bex age 8

I’d like to visit the planet mars. They have a mountain thirteen miles high and a valley 120 miles wide over there, so it’s going to look pretty awesome. Also I’d like to find the old NASA rover Spirit which explored Mars for nearly seven years all on its own before its batteries died – and give it a great big hug.

What do you think would be the saddest thing about a world with no animals? Con age 12

If there were no animals we’d have to have plants for pets. I don’t think anyone wants to stroke a cactus on their lap; or take a fern for walkies, or teach a tree to say “who’s a pretty boy”, so it would be awful. The only good thing would be there’d be no scorpions.

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