Con & Bex Chat Junior Eurovision Song Contest with UK Commentators Lauren Layfield

Con & Bex Chat Junior Eurovision Song Contest with UK Commentators Lauren Layfield!!!

(Con with Con Lauren Layfield at the 2019 Children’s BAFTA Awards)

What is your favourite song as a kid and who is your favourite young music artist of all time? Con age 16

I’ve always loved music, but the song that sticks out for me as a kid was Wannabe by the Spice Girls! That song had the whole WORLD hooked, I had all the posters, all the merch, all the CDs (that’s right, CDs!!) And I think Olivia Rodrigo is one of the best examples of young music artists; to release a song like Driver’s Licence at age 17 is unbelievable, she’s a huge talent. 

What is your first memory of the Eurovision contests and why did you want to be involved in the junior version? Bex age 12

My first memory was Gina G – she did a song called “(Ooh Ahh) Just A Little Bit” all the way back in 1996!!! And while other Eurovision songs at the time could be a little bit cheesy, this was a BOP! I was so excited to be a part of Junior Eurovision because Eurovision is the greatest music competition in the world, there’s nothing else like it. Every year it brings people together for a party and you get to wear sequins and I’m so pleased we get to celebrate young talent through it too.

(Con with Con Lauren Layfield at the 2018 Children’s BAFTA Awards)

What do you think is the main difference between the adult and the Junior versions of the Eurovision contest? Con age 16

There isn’t much difference at all and that’s what makes it so special – it’s just as big and the costumes are just as bright and the songs are equally wonderful. But the MAIN difference is that you can vote for your own country in Junior! So everyone reading this in the UK – get voting for Stand Unique ‘cause we want them to win! 

If you were going to give any advice to advice to someone entering the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, what would it be? Bex age 12

Get yourself a catchy hook. A bit of the song that people won’t be able to forget, that makes you wanna dance, that will be stuck in your head for days!

Who do you think will win this year and why do you think they’ll win? Con age 16

Look, there’s some brilliant acts from all over the world in this year’s competition but I genuinely think its STAND UNIQU3 all the way! The song is SO GOOD, they’re going to smash it on Sunday!

The Junior Eurovision 2023 final takes place on Sunday 26th November at 3pm. Watch it live on BBC Two and on iPlayer!!!