Con chats Acting and Planets with Thunderbirds Are Go star Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Con chats Acting and Planets with Thunderbirds Are Go star Thomas Brodie-Sangster!!!

What do you do for fun in your spare time? Con age 10

I play music. I like to play bass. I like to build and ride motorcycles. And I take all my bass’ apart as well. Building and tinkering really.

If you could have any planet named after you, what planet would it be and why? Con age 10

It’s quite hard because they’ve already all got their names. Isn’t there a new one that they’ve found? Nibiru or something I think its called. I’ll go with Nibiru. I’m not sure how you’d spell that but let’s say Nibiru. Because it’s new and not an awful lot is known about it – I think its huge. I don’t know, it’s unknown.

You are famous for so many characters, what’s the hardest thing when switching roles and what character is the hardest to switch to and why? Con age 10

It’s such an immersive experience that you just, once you’re in it, you stay with it. Switching back and forth doesn’t happen very often because you start a project, you’re obsessed with it and then finish it. But, I would say Thunderbirds Are Go actually, because that’s a reoccurring thing. Sometimes I’ll come back into the studio and they’ll have to play me something because I won’t get the voice right. It would be too deep, or too high or croaky.

If you could be a Thunderbirds villain, what would you be called and what would your evil deed be? Con age 10

Emperor Malice and my evil deed would be taking over something or destroying the world. Destroy the world so Nibiru is the only planet that is actually a place of life. And I’d be the Emperor. Emperor Malice.

How many times have you saved the world as a Thunderbird and what has been your favourite saving of the world? Con age 10

Oh gosh, we do it everyday. That’s hard to say because sometimes they’re saving the world, sometimes they’re saving a little boy that’s got stuck. It’s the same to them. My favourites though, I like the ones that hark back to the original series just because it’s a soft spot for me. My favourite episode is called Fireflash because it’s almost directly from the original.

What have you learnt from the world of Thunderbirds that you didn’t know before by being in Thunderbirds Are Go? Con age 10

That John is a lot more of an interesting character than he was. He was always really boring in the original. I think it’s because they didn’t really know what satellites did back in the 60’s. The satellites had only really just gone up. So, there was never such a thing as Sat-Nav. Nowadays being up in the space station he’s much more the central control person, whereas before he was the receptionist basically. He’d pick up the calls and move it on. Now he gets to be a part of the rescues whereas he was never part of the rescues in the original series.

Thunderbirds Are Go, Season 3 Part 1, is available to watch now, 8:30am on CITV and ITV!!!