Doctor Who – Harrison, Con & Bex meet the Doctors at MCM Comic Con

Doctor Who – Harrison, Con & Bex meet the Doctors at MCM Comic Con!!!

Con with 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker!!!

Bex with Jodie Whittaker’s Tardis!!!

Bex with the new Doctor Who products!!!

Harrison talks to the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann!!! (All new Paul McGann Doctor Who adventures as the Eighth Doctor available now from Big Finish)

Is there a universal thing that all ‘Doctors’ agree is the best thing about being ‘The Doctor’ and what is it?

Paul McGann – I think doing these shows (MCM Comic Con). Because these are the times that you meet the people that you make the thing for. It’s sociable and it’s funny. I’m not saying they all are as some don’t quite work out. But when they’re as well run as this and you can hear yourself talk – we get a chance to meet the people. So that’s the buzz. As actors it’s feedback and quite simply you’re in a room with the people like you that love it. So what could possibly go wrong? That’s the best thing – there’s no other thing!

If you had your own Doctor Who TV series – which actors would you choose (Past or Present) to play your assistants?

Paul McGann – To be my assistants? That’s a good question. Louise Brooks. Maybe I’ll pick two women and a fella. Louise Brooks and Karen Black. Google her. Karen Black – I tell you, you’ll thank me later! (Laughs)

And a Fella. How about – Who played little Caesar in the silent movies? Edward G. Robinson. He’d be fantastic. I tell you what he’d give Bradley Walsh a run for him money.

Don’t you think Bradley Walsh is a revelation?! I knew he could act – me and Capaldi did a job with him once, but he’s incredible. Did you know he came from football? He’s a professional footballer. When I saw that first episode with Jodie especially when it got the funeral – I thought that’s as good as anything. He’s beautiful and he’s subtle. He doesn’t give it away – he’s the quiet revelation!!!

Do you see the invisible people?

Paul McGann – Yes! I’m a famous insomniac. Seriously for years and years. So if I’m in a bad bout I will have mico-dreams. Waking dreams. I could dream now while I’m awake. And they might only last for four seconds and in those four seconds I’ve seen some invisible people. It’s really disconcerting. I’ve seen some weird things.

Colin Baker (The Sixth Doctor)!!!

Doctor Who – MCM Comic Con past!!!

Sylvester McCoy (The Seventh Doctor)!!!

Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor)!!!

David Bradley (The New First Doctor) and Claudia Grant!!!

Matt Smith (The Eleventh Doctor)!!!

Bex with Doctor Who Cosplayer!!!

MCM London Comic Con October 26th-28th October 2018 with Harrison, Con and Bex CLICK HERE!!!