MCM London Comic Con May 25th-27th May 2018 with Hag, Con and Bex

MCM London Comic Con May 25th-27th May 2018 with Hag, Con and Bex!!! (For More Details CLICK HERE!!!)

Harrison, Con and Bex with Jim Cummings (Winnie the Pooh and Tigger – Christopher Robin)

James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan from Animated Star Wars and Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank)

Stefan Kapicic (Colossus – Deadpool 2)

Paul Blake – Greedo from Star Wars

Alan Harris (Bossk in Star Wars)

Paul Warren (Varmik from Stars Wars)

Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who and The Hobbit)

Peter Davison (Doctor Who and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

Greg Austin and Sophie Hopkins (The Class)

Jess Harnell (Barricade from Bumblebee/ Ironhide in Transformers and Lion in Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz)

Patricia Quinn (Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)


Last Time at MCM COMIC CON!!!

Marvel Super Heroes – Hag, Con and Bex with Hayley Atwell and Anthony Mackie!!!

Doctor Who – David Bradley and Claudia Grant!!!

Super Mario Odyssey – Hag, Con and Bex with the voice of Mario Charles Martinet!!!

DC Justice League!!!

Marvel Super Heroes!!!

Hag, Con and Bex with Dave Bushore (Marvel Franchise creative VP) and Mark Huffman (Disneyland Paris Creative Director) at the Disneyland Paris Marvel’s Summer of Superheroes press launch!!!

Red Dwarf – Chris Barrie!!!

Hattie Hayridge!!!

Power Rangers, Bleach, Yo-Kai Watch – Johnny Yong Bosch!!!

Star Wars!!!

Brian Herring!!!

Sandeep Mohan!!!

Rufus Wright!!!

Michael Shaeffer!!!

Jerome Blake!!!

DeadPool – Stefan Kapicic!!!

Dark Matter – Anthony Lemke!!!

Con and Bex help Anthony with his signed pictures!!!

Zoie Palmer!!!

Babylon 5, Star Trek, Austin Powers – Patricia Tallman!!!

Primevil – Anthony-Lee Potts!!!

Bex goes Back to the Future – More photos live tomorrow!!!

LAST TIME AT MCM London Comic Con May 26th-28th review by Hag, Con and Bex (For Details on the next MCM Comic Con CLICK HERE!!!)

Bex and Con with The Hulk – Lou Ferrigno!!!

Go Go Power Rangers – Con and Bex with the original Power Rangers David Yost, Walter Emanuel Jones, Karan Ashley and Austin St John!!!

Star Wars stars!!!

It’s the Lord of the Sith Darth Vader – Dave Prowse!!!

Rogue One’s ‘Grand Moth Tarkin’ – Guy Henry!!!

Rogue One’s Christopher Patrick Nolan!!!

The man behind BB8 – Actor and Puppeteer Brian Herring!!!

It’s the voice of ‘Ash’ from Pokemon and ‘April’ from Turtles – Veronica Taylor!!!

Star of DC Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash – Victor Garber!!!

Arrow star Manu Bennett!!!

Hag, Con and Bex with the stars of Doctor Who Spin-off ‘The Class’ – Greg Austin, Sophie Hopkins and Fady Elsayed!!!

It’s Flash Gordon – Hag, Con and Bex with Sam Jones!!!

Con with Austin Powers and Harry Potter star Verne Troyer!!!

Con and Bex with Kidzcoolit favorite and star of Storage Hunters – Sean Kelly!!!

Bex meets her favourite character in Adventure Time, Princess Bubblegum – Hynden Walch signed picture!!!

Justice League!!!

Wonder Woman – Hag, Con and Bex with the original costumes CLICK HERE!!!

Despicable Me 3 CLICK HERE!!!

Cars 3!!!

Con and Bex with the legends that are the 501st Legion!!!

Transformers The Last Knight CLICK HERE!!!

Pirates of the Caribbean Salazar’s Revenge CLICK HERE!!!

The Amazing Mystery Box CLICK HERE!!!

MCM London Comic Con May 26th-28th (Excel, London) “TOP END” 5 Stars

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A List Stars and loads of fun activities. Characters in costumes galore – so much so Comic Con gives Disneyland and Universal Studios a run for its money when it comes to selfies with costumed characters. One of the best family activities you can do – money well spent. We’ve been going for years – but this was easily the best MCM Comic Con ever. Highly Recommended!!!