Nintendo 3DS & 2DS – Metroid Samus Returns

Nintendo 3DS & 2DS – Metroid Samus Returns review by Hag

Available on Nintendo 3DS & 2DS 15/9/17 (PEGI 7) “TOP END” 5 Stars

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This review almost didn’t happen as Hag was initially getting stuck regularly on the first level and a bit frustrated. OHhe finally got his head around the game play and now really loves the new Metroid game – so much so he gave it a “TOP END” 5 Stars. Although this is a new game – it’s very similar to the original game (Available on the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES) and like most retro games a bit more challenging compared with the more modern style games. Its not a game for kidz that get frustrated easily – but if your kidz love Retro games they’ll really love Metroid Samus Returns!!!