Star Trek Into Darkness (Huge Spoilers!!!): IMAX Screening with Producer Brian Burk – Hag and Con draw what Dad got to see!!!

Dad was very lucky to be invited by Paramount Pictures to see the first 28 mins of Star Trek Into Darkness and this is what he saw – as drawn by Hag and Con:

First 28 mins:

The film starts with Bones and Kirk being chased (in a very Indiana Jones style) through long red grass by white native aliens, while Spoke tries to save the newly found civilisation by exploding a bomb in a volcano from the inside as it erupts. By Hag

Later both Spock and Kirk are called to a meeting by Pike. Both are demoted due to the mission with the volcano and the newly found civilisation.

Pike takes on Kirk as his first officer on the Enterprise.

When the UK ‘Federation’ building is destroyed by terrorists – Pike and Kirk are called to an emergency meeting. During this meeting Kirk realises that the meeting was a trap just as a space ship (Piloted by the new baddie ‘John Harrison’) attacks the room trying to kill everyone. By Hag

Two clips:

The Enterprise crashes onto Earth Destoring buildings in a city. By Con

As the Enterprise crashes – Kirk and Scotty fall from a bridge. Chekov saves them just in time. By Hag

Spock chases John Harrison across the skyline of earth – jumping between flying cars. By Con

Star Trek into Darkness is in UK cinemas 9/5/13 and looks to be ‘The Avengers’ of 2013!!

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