The Great Wall (2D/3D)

The Great Wall (2D/3D) review by Hag and Con

Out on DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray and Digital Download 12/6/17 (12) Hag 4 Stars/ Con 4.5 Stars

Parent View:
The Great Wall is a cracking ‘popcorn’ action ride where East meets West in a brilliant fantasy epic. There is an element of Kidz being able to open their minds to ‘World Cinema’ to fully enjoy the experience as it is very subtitle heavy with the English speaking characters virtually taking the place as narrator for a western audience. For my boys this was no issue as they watch both live action and animated Asian films all the time and Hag is learning Mandarin. With a running time of 104 minutes the whole film sales by and the costumes and visual effects are a thing of Beauty. If you’re keen to open your Kidz minds to movie making from around the world this would be a great place to start. Plus the Hong Kong legend that is Andy Lau is in the movie – what more do you want?! If you Love Pacific Rim you’ll need to see The Great Wall on the big screen!!!!

3D Blu-Ray Review: TBC