The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs – Hag, Con and Bex talk pets with Niki and Sammy

The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs – Hag, Con and Bex talk pets with Niki and Sammy!!!

What’s your favourite Sims game ever and why did you like it? (Con aged 10)

Sammy - My favourite Sims game was the very first Sims game I played because I found out six months into owning it that you could do cheats on it, there was a little gnome and you could get loads of money. I would make mansions and then burn the mansions down. That was my favourite Sims game – Sims 1.

Niki - I liked playing little soap operas with them, there was also one on Playstation 2 Sims Urbz, and I had a really edgy sim that was nothing like me because I’m too polite and kind and he was really grungy and cool.

Sammy - It was Sims 1 on computer and Sims 2 on Playstation 2.

Have you ever had a pet, and if so, what was it and what was it called? (Hag age 13)

Niki - We’ve always had pets – dogs and cats specifically in the family, we’ve always had a German shepherd, I don’t know why. I think my mum likes them because they look like wolves. We’ve always had cats as far as I can remember.

Sammy - They get on fine and they’re best friends – that’s the solid truth.

What is your favourite animal and why? Bex age 6

Niki - Ring-tailed lemur, one hundred percent, ring-tailed lemur, because they comb their hair with their teeth because they’ve got a comb tooth.

Sammy - Gross!

Sammy - I really like blue whales, or polar bears because they’re pretty cool

Niki - The sea scares me, I have this fear of deep dark water

Sammy - Not if you’re the biggest thing in it

If you were in your own video game, what type of game would it be and what would you do in it? (Con age 10)

Niki - It would be a superhero game and I would be able to fly. I want flight and teleportation in life so if I can get away with that it would be great.

Sammy - Something in space – something space related.

Niki - Again the whole deep dark thing scares me

If you could take your Sims pet into the real world, what activity would you do? (Bex age 6)

Niki - We’d just be best friends; we’d do everything together

Sammy - I think my pet would have really weird traits, so maybe me and my cat would go for a coffee, or me and my dog would go for brunch, maybe milkshakes.

What’s the craziest thing you are hoping you can do in Sims 4 Cats and Dogs? (Hag age 13)

Sammy - I want to know how many pets I can have, what’s the max!

Niki - The craziest thing is probably the saddest thing as well; I’m going to make a house that is going to be a representation of my future self, with 400 dogs.

Sammy - I’m going to live out one of my fantasies of being surrounded by 400 puppies.

Niki - I’m going to be the crazy cat man.

Niki and Sammy were speaking at The Sims™ 4 Cats and Dogs fitness class to celebrate the release of The Sims™ 4 on console and The Sims 4™ Cats and Dogs expansion pack which is OUT NOW on PC. To pick-up your copy of the game on console or PC, head to #TheSims4