WWE Survivor Series 2017

WWE Survivor Series 2017 review by Con

Out on DVD and Blu-Ray 22/1/18 (12) “TOP END” 5 Stars

Parent View:
Its Wrestling family fun from the male and female Superstars with bundles of matches to enjoy. All the big name superheroes from the world WWE are on this new disc and there’s loads of action to enjoy. The disc carries a BBFC !2 rating on the disc – But I’m happy for both Con (age 10) and Bex (age 6) to watch the disc as its exactly the same content they see live along many other kidz their age around the world every year. WWE make it clear at the start of every DVD/Blu-Ray that no stunts should be copied outside of the ring as they are very dangerous – with most fans being able to recite the ‘Warning’s’ word for word as it plays. Survivor Series is one of the highlights for the WWE calendar and a must own for fans. Highly Recommended!!!

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